Scottons Service Center - Scotton's Service Center wants me to pay for THEIR screwup!

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My car was brought into Scotton's for a repair and was done incorrectly. They decided that they would fix a different problem instead, promising that if they were wrong in their 'professional' diagnosis they would make the correction.

Turns out they WERE wrong, and the problem remained. Scotton's then refused to correct their own mistake and make the proper repair without further charges!

After refusing to simply fix their own mistake without labor charges and insisting that they DID fix it the first time, I was told to go elsewhere.

Outside of an oil change or replacing spark plugs, this place is as incompetent as 'repair shops' get. In addition, their customer service is an embarrassment.

Go elsewhere for any auto repairs...anywhere else!!

Review about: Incorrect Repair.

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